Global Access Hotel Accreditation

Global Access Award Scheme

The Global Access Award Scheme accreditation is designed to advise customers who may have extra accessible requirements in hotels, such as the disabled or elderly, to help them choose a hotel suitable for their needs. 

The scheme has evolved to be much more simple and easier to understand than the previous 5 tier system, with more basic but effective and clear access information.

How do accommodation providers get accredited onto the GAAS Scheme?

GAAS Accreditation is achieved by business' that have provided GAAS with a certain level of access information. Each business' featured must have some accessible facilities and therefore cannot become GAAS Accredited unless there are certain features to help disabled and impaired guests. i.e. It is very simple for  hotels and they must also provide some access photographs to corroborate the information they have supplied, which also gives the consumer piece of mind. 


  • Hotel that does not have a bathroom that would be suitable for a disabled person / wheelchair user will not be eligible for accreditation. 
  • Hotel that has steps to get into the property and no other entrance for wheelchair users will not be eligible for accreditation.
  • Hotel that has doorways that are too narrow for wheelchair users to access the key features of the hotel will not be eligible for accreditation. 

What information do hotels need to provide for GAAS Accreditation?

  • Hotel as an example: 
  • Hotel access photographs
  • Hotel entrance accessibility
  • Hotel door widths
  • Hotel bedroom accessibility and features
  • Hotel accessible bathroom accessibility and features
  • General hotel accessibility
  • Leisure facility accessibility
  • Sensory impairment adaptions - Examples:
    • Hearing loop
    • Vibrating pillows
    • Closed Caption TV
    • Flashing alarms
    • etc...